— in his own element (open)


[ The raven found himself in music.

When he was hidden away, hiding from the world and  abusive ‘parents’, music and books were the other realities that welcomed him and maybe even adored him. He loved being in both dearly, and wasted his life away in those notes and crinkled pages. Thus, once a piano’s tender keys were played beyond a glass window, Leo’s interest was immediately caught.

The raven had been considering working at this very store, as he was a piano expert and managed to hold all three of the saxophones with ease. If he didn’t become a writer, a musician he’d be.

His ears loved the melody that softly blew out of the piano, and his eyes were focused on the man whom was playing. ]

“I have to say, you’re rather excellent at playing the piano. Do you own this shop, mister…?”

[ Ah, Leo hadn’t caught the man’s name. But perhaps the gentleman would inform him of his name when answering the first question. ]

A spectator.

The music stopped, tenseness that had been settling in the masked man’s body now loosening up with the absence of sound, Descole turned his head. My my, was his playing that phenomenal to attract an audience? (Even a singular spectator counted as an audience— they are indeed here for the show, metaphorically speaking.) 

He had only wished that the playing hadn’t gotten so sloppy the more he’s played. If this town could allow him better grasp and control over this ability, then his keystrokes would improve drastically. That wasn’t the highest on his agenda, though.

"Descole. And no, I don’t own this establishment. I was only passing by, and this instrument caught my attention. I wanted to know how it played."

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